Value Proposition

We take an active role in building and executing Fully Integrated Business Development Plans for international companies and individuals looking to enter and or grow business in United States of America. TGI can help entities possessing Valuable Intellectual Property by establishing an industry appropriate and legally defendable North American IP strategy, starting with patent filing and following through with maintenance and future licensing efforts. We work with the best US based IP law firms who then file patents on behalf of our clients, utilizing the best application strategies so as to increase the probability of USPTO acceptance and legal defense if needed in future. We take initiative to plan for future licensing efforts and even possible US business formation in support of clients’ activities in NAFTA Zone. We do this in parallel to improve likely outcomes but also shorten timeline to cashflow.

Origins of Two Gulfs Inc.

The idea for Two Gulfs started when the two founders, Fasih Agha and John Murnane, realized there was an untapped market opportunity in helping small to medium sized companies in NAFTA Zone connect with similarly sized companies in South Asia and the Persian Gulf Region. While large multinationals have little difficulty doing business in both regions, small companies often lacked the resources and skills necessary to overcome the technical, economic and cultural hurdles making collaboration difficult. The two resolved to build a company focused on making collaboration not only possible but also beneficial for all parties involved, something that hasn't always been the situation in international trade. John and Fasih had worked together for almost a decade prior to Two Gulfs with John acting as US country manager for TEIL, the machinery equipment components company headed by Fasih. During those years (post 9/11 and the early years of the Financial Crisis) the pair experienced many of the very same hurdles. This experience proved invaluable. The issues small companies face doing business around the world is not an abstract theory to them - the two lived it.

Mission Statement

To promote and facilitate profitable business relationships between and among small to medium sized businesses in NAFTA Zone and South Asia with American Gulf Coast and Persian Gulf regions as central areas of focus. Solutions offered could include consulting and technology transfer, agency, trading, distribution, investment and/or manufacturing in appropriate mixes depending on market situations.

Representation and Agency

Management at Two Gulfs Inc. have deep and extensive experience setting up and executing sales channels via manufacturers’ representation and outside sales agency. We have been reps and have also employed reps. These efforts include selling highly engineered custom products requiring challenging pioneering efforts into markets as diverse as the Middle East, EU and NAFTA Zone. We have been successful marketing domestic producers in their home markets as well as to foreign markets. Similarly, we can help foreign producers to market in NAFTA Zone, EU and Middle East.

We are always looking for good companies to represent. We have two areas we are especially interested in:


Companies supplying highly engineered custom components used by NAFTA Zone or EU OEM’s producing transportation equipment, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, mining, oil and gas processing equipment.


Small to medium sized manufacturers offering products or services possessing unique intellectual property.


Two Gulfs management has a combined 50 years’ experience performing domestic and international market development. In that time period we have had to overcome a lot of hurdles. We believe no one should have to reinvent the wheel. As a result, TGI offers market and product development consulting. We believe we can help companies expand their reach geographically to other markets or into other industrial sectors. Please give us a call and let us discuss how we might be able to help you.



Our team sources difficult to find parts, tools and related accessories & consumable materials from manufacturers and master distributors.

Our mission is to provide our customers best of class products delivered promptly at a very reasonable price.

Feel free talk with one of our salesmen about your specific requirements. We would be happy to provide you with a proposal tailored to your needs and budget.

Our Team

Highly skilled and focused professionals help boundless technologies to bring state of the art solutions for our customers

Fasih Agha


«An experienced international executive having almost two decades of management experience in running a diverse array of companies. Most recent assignment was in Saudi Arabia as COO of packaging materials manufacturer, earlier he has developed a vehicle, sourced components for specialized vehicles, farm machinery, and heavy machinery.

John Murnane


«Thirty years experience as an independent manufacturer's rep operating his own business selling highly engineered custom mechanical components to OEMs all over NAFTA Zone. Represented small to medium sized companies producing castings, forgings, powdered metal components, formed and stamped components, contract machining and

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